Yet Another Rift Owner Oculus Go Review

I just had to.. I’m sorry, I’ve had the Oculus Go for a day now.

– It is sooooo clear compared to rift. Screen Door Effect (SDE) has been greatly reduced.
– Portable! I lie in bed watching Netflix/Plex at night, this is great for that! I couldn’t stand to watch a movie in the rift, but for some reason the “GO” suits me just fine.
– Everything just works.. less setup time (like none)..
– Great interface, very intuitive
– My favorite game on the rift (Dead and Buried) is also on the GO, albeit a somewhat scaled down version.. but it is a riot still.
– Very little discomfort after long sessions (so far). The device is light enough and the optics good enough that I don’t feel any adverse effects when I come out of VR. I did try to remove the top strap, thinking it would make it even more comfortable, but I put it back on, it seems to support the device better and keeps weight off your face.
– Best new device software support right away, and I think Dev’s are just getting started. I see no reason why really good games couldn’t be released for this thing, as long as Dev’s don’t get into a rut (aka mobile games/all the same/etc) and yes, I realize most of the content was actually developed for GearVR.. if GO takes off, just watch the quality increase over time.

– Small battery.. I’d be lucky to get 2 hours out of the internal battery (at night I have a really long usb cable hooked up to it) I might try an external battery at some point.
– Edges are blurry. This stops me from increasing the size of a tv/movie screen to fill the view, but the sweet spot is so large, it is a good trade-off
– Tracking Drift – yes there is some. If you watch Netflix in the “void” the screen drifts pretty quickly. However, the solution is to turn on “Travel mode”, then it is rock solid. I didn’t have the same issue in the plex app though, so I think it is a software issue in the Netflix app
– 3DoF vs 6DoF: This takes a little getting used to in some games, but you get used to it pretty quickly and isn’t a big deal to me. For good games, there is always the rift.

For the price, this thing rocks! I can see myself wearing this one out and getting another in the future.
With all of that said, I have decided to move the game I’m working on to the GO/GearVR environment. I’m confident that there is and will be a decent playerbase in the future.

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