XBox 360 and PS3 Hack For The Rift

MTBS3D member noos has claimed that he’s devised a way to get the rift working with a number of HMDI sources, including the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

It involves streaming the HDMI data from the source onto PC, which then converts it into a side-by-side video feed and outputs it (warped etc) to the rift. The console takes care of all the hardwork, whilst the PC acts as a giant driver by making the necessary visual adjustments.

The following processes must be performed by the PC on the HDMI feed in real time:

– The geometric correction needed by the rift,

– Scaling to the resolution/refresh rate accepted by the Rift,

– Converting 2D/3D formats to the side by side format of the Rift,

– Color/brightness/contrast/gamma correction,

– Aspect ratio control/zoom/cropping,

– Motion interpolation.

Because both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 both output 60fps (30 fps in side-by-side 3D), noos uses the Stereoscopic Video Player application to interpolate the video feed and boost it to 60 fps by double flashing.

The below video shows noos scrolling through the Xbox 360 starting menu.

The rest of the videos in the post (Uncharted, Gran Turismo etc) exhibit the same amount of lag, but noos attributes this to:

– scaling and geometry correction,

– not having a 2400mhz RAM Rift computer,

– not having an optimized operating system,

– not using optimized software.

Is this a good short-term solution for people with rifts that want to shoehorn content? YES. But all hacks/ workarounds involve a compromise, and by playing games that don’t have native VR support, you’re basically just playing with a warped, 60 (dubious) fps screen strapped to your face with no head-tracking. noos developed it entirely without a rift to check though, so he deserves plenty of credit.

Oculusvr Community Manager CyberReality gave his two cents this afternoon:

“Interesting technique. Watched some of the videos, looks promising.”

That should help noos a lot, if he’s to get that job at Oculusvr, he’s so clearly vying for.

Follow the thread on MTBS3D, and Reddit as I’m sure this will receive plenty of scrutiny over the next few days.

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