World’s First Inside-out VR Tracking with the Phone’s Built-in Camera

This video shows footage from our CES 2017 inside-out tracking demo powered by Dacuda SLAM Scan 3D.

Unlike other solutions, we do not use any active 3D or additional cameras. Instead, we simply use the phone’s built in camera for providing full six degrees of freedom (6DoF) tracking of the user’s head pose in high accuracy. The algorithmic latency of the tracking is 5ms and utilizes less than 20% of the phone’s CPU. The GPU is completely free for content. We demonstrated the capabilities at CES with the preview of the HTC Vive title Monkey King which features a scene of over 1.2 million polygons and runs at 60 frames per seconds.

Digital Domain unveiled its first cinematic Virtual Reality series “Monkey King” at CES 2017 running on a HTC Vive. In this video, we show with the Monkey King demo that HTC Vive titles can run already today on a standard iPhone with full 6 DoF and no reduction of the polygon count of the scene.

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