[Weekly] What games have you been enjoying this week? (Week 03/12/18)


Hello guys!

Welcome to the weekly games and experiences recommendation thread! 🙂

Please share with us what games and experiences you’ve been enjoying this week.

Tell us things like how did you come across the game, whether it was a risky buy, what were your first impressions like, what did you like about it and most importantly, would you recommend for us to try it or to stay away?

Here are a couple of suggestions to follow when posting:

– Please put names of the games/experiences **in bold** for easier skim reading.

– Keep in mind that this is all about personal impressions and opinions so if someone didn’t enjoy your favorite title feel free to discuss why but do so in a civil manner, no harassing someone for having a different opinion.

– **Use spoiler tags** when discussing game’s plot as to not ruin that moment for someone who hasn’t played that game yet.

– Upvote informative and well-written posts to encourage quality discussion.

– Steam/Oculus Store links to games you are recommending would be great 🙂

That’s pretty much it, let’s get to discussing 🙂

Link to last week’s Thread:


*[Any ideas or suggestions regarding this weekly thread? Feel free to PM me and I’ll see what can be done]*


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