We are two 16 year olds who just launched The Slopes on Steam and are giving away 5 free keys to celebrate!

Over the last 16 weeks, we have been working on a VR skiing game called *The Slopes*. Together, we learned so much about Unity and virtual reality which alone makes the process worth it. Today, we are incredibly happy to share the fruits of our labor with the r/Oculus community.

>Don’t wait for winter to hit The Slopes! Dodge obstacles, collect coins and dash to the bottom of the mountain in a downhill race glory any day of the year. Extreme terrain without extreme cold! But be warned–without the risk of frostbite you might never come off the mountain!

Thank you all so much for your fantastic support that helped us make the game what it is today. I really hope you enjoy what we made.

**We will be giving away 5 free keys for *The Slopes* randomly to r/Oculus users who comment on this post. We will hold the drawing on Saturday, 5/20/2017, around 6:30 PM EST and send a PM to the winners.**

[Check out our game on steam](http://store.steampowered.com/app/620790/The_Slopes/)

-Peter & Connor


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