How to Watch 2D and 3D Videos on the Oculus Rift…. IN STYLE!

Well fellow Rifters,

We have stumbled across a pretty awesome app that we felt should be shared with the community immediately.

The title of the Project is VR Cinema 3D and is developed by some mighy telented chaps by the name of UX Ground. They are, by the loooks of it, developing a Horror related project, but that is a post for another day.

VR Cinema 3D is quite literally a 3D cinema for you to watch your 2D or 3D (Side by Side .avi only for now) videos. The beauty is you have an entire cinema to yourself and it is one of the most realistic experiences we have tried on the Rift so far.

You can download the app from here and can view the preview video below.

A few tips for those who dont speak Korean… Right click inside the Theater to pull up a Seat Selection option and also to select 2D or 3D content.

To start your content playing, extract the application to the directory where your video file is located and rename it to movie.avi (I have found, if you make file extenstions visable in your Folder settings then you can rename any MP4 to movie.avi and it will play in the theater.

I have found you may need to pause the video when entering the Theater (Right click anywhere, then click pause and play again) if you cannot hear any sound.

You can even traverse through the Cinema with mouse and Keyboard or Controller.

MKV, MP4, and WMV will be supported in the next update, along with the option to load video in app. This really has some awesome potential as I know I would far prefer to watch my 2D / 3D content in my own personal Cinema!

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    • alan says:

      how good is 3d effect for 2d video files ? i really like to watch lord of the ring series in 3d. please reply me thanks

      • J says:

        I hope you enjoy. this App supports both 2D and 3D (side my side content only for now). This app WILL NOT convert your 2D movies into 3D. They must be a native 3D video to enjoy in 3D on our Rift.

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