Best of VR World 2018 – GameFace Labs Standalone Android VR Headset with OpenVR / Steam PC support – Powered NVIDIA Jetson TX2

GameFace Labs® will be taking pre-orders for their VR Development Kits. This includes their upcoming standalone VR headset which is shipping later this year, in conjunction with their Token Generation Event (TGE). The headsets are based on Android and powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2. This lightweight, affordable system can play games targeted at Android VR, but also supports PC-driven SteamVR content.
GameFace Labs Now Taking Pre-Orders for Android-based VR Headset Powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2
GameFace Labs Now Taking Pre-Orders for Android-based VR Headset Powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2

GameFace users looking to create immersive mobile VR applications can take advantage of the extra computing power of the Jetson platform. The GFL developer community will be given a head start to work on high-end VR applications that make use of one of the most powerful mobile architectures on the planet.

Working with Triad Semiconductor and supporting OpenVR, the GameFace VR headset will be the first cross-platform VR device capable of running the latest and greatest Android VR content, along with the wealth of PC VR content on Steam.

Developers can now publish their VR experiences on a multitude of platforms, all through one device, with users able to download and enjoy content from different stores. This ultimately brings down the cost of entry for both developers and users while showcasing everything VR has to offer.

Come and check out the power of our VR developer kit powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2 at VR World 2018 by contacting

Visit to sign up and pre-order your GFL development kit today. Developers can sign-up and join the GameFace Labs developer community at for a plugin, documentation and support.

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About GameFace Labs:

GameFace Labs®, pioneers in Standalone VR technology, are experts in embedded systems and VR devices. The company’s experience building high quality standalone headsets has enabled it to partner with leading component providers. The goal of GameFace Labs is to unify the rapidly fragmenting VR industry with ubiquitous hardware and software solutions. GameFace Labs® is a privately held company, led by an experienced team of mobile hardware and software professionals. The GFL platform allows developers to build graphically-rich and immersive cross-platform VR applications for Android, SteamVR and Linux.

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GameFace Labs® is a trademark or registered trademark of GameFace Labs, Inc. in the United States and around the world.

O.R.B. Article & Photos by C Lee and C Lohr

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