Vive Pro Impressions, CES, HTC Wireless, Pimax on Episode 67 of VR Roundtable

HTC Vive Pro Reactions [1:47]
Vive Pro HMD upgrade only till 4th Qrt? [7:40]
is the Vive Pro a worthy upgrade? [21:04]
Vive wireless add-on using Intel WiGig tech [31:19]
Viveport update for navigation and preview in VR [42:34]
Pimax CES reviews not so positive [44:23]
Engadget raves about Tobii eyetracking [54:05]
Lenovo Mirage Solo Daydream headset announced [1:00:23]
Fallout 4 VR (Steve) [1:05:31]
Ultrawings PSVR [1:07:21]
Gary’s PSVR Experience [1:11:03]
From Other Suns [1:22:40]

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