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Ibex VR Workspace Receives Updates | Oculus Rift Blog

Ibex VR Workspace Receives Updates

Ibex is a virtual desktop space that immerses rift users inside an almost infinitely scalable work space  making it perfectly Whilst I covered this back in January (it was announced as far back as September 2012 on roadtovr), it was only available on mac and at 60 fps on a mac book air. The latest beta is now compatible with Windows and features preliminary Razer Hydra support, as well as stereo video playback with a basic interface.

New York based Developer Hesham Wahba actually ordered his rift PRE-KICKSTARTER, meaning he was a particularly keen bean, getting his rift on March 29th. After taking ownership, he got straight to work on making sure the warping and stereo were fine tuned. Wahba is working on implementing further Hydra support, the Bullet Physics Engine and is also considering Leap Motion support in the next update.


Wahba took to his Ibex development blog this afternoon: “Turns out that rendering in SBS stereo is different than rendering in 3D for a monitor. Oddly, because everything is focused at infinity, you don’t need to shift the rendered images to adjust for the IPD but rather just adjust the IPD purely in the camera translation”.

“Surprisingly I found that the desktop was completely usable comfortably at 1280×800 on the actual virtualized desktop and you can use it to browse the web or get work done. The best part is that as the Rift gets better this will only get sharper and better as well!”

Wahba has made installable beta versions available for both Windows (here) and Mac (here)

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  1. Miguel says:

    Que tal,
    Tengo que reconocer es la unica vez que he llegado el blog y quiero comentar que no esta mal y creo que vendre mas veces por

  2. Nick says:

    I am so happy to see this project progressing. With the commercial release of the Oculus upcoming I am hesitant to pick up a dev kit but this project alone is why I want an Oculus Rift.

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