Virtual Reality Desktop Environment for the Oculus Rift

One of the first non game related programs we have seen for the Oculus Rift is the IBEX Virtual Reality Desktop Environment.

This software will quite literally turn your desktop into a 3D environment for you to look around in using your rift. So far this is a Linux compatiable program with Mac BETA having support been implemented. That BETA nonetheless runs at 60FPS on a Mac Book Air.

Hesham Wahba is the man behind this magnificent piece of software and he can be contacted through the IBEX development page here but he has mentioned there is a chance he will be bringing this program to Windows computers as well. It took about two weeks of on and off programming to port IBEX from Linux to Mac so PC users may be in luck for the release of the dev kits in March.

If you are a little familiar with the odd spot of coding, then feel free to download a MAC IBEX demo HERE

Bugs can be posted here


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  2. Jakub Ner says:

    Will the Oculus have a camera? Adding a couple more virtual desktops and replacing the grass/sky with what the Oculus Rift camera sees would provide a virtual multiple desktop experience with situational awareness: I’d still be able to talk to people and watch TV while working!

    I’m very excited about the potential of using the Oculus Rift–or some follow on device–for productivity. I like the idea of multiple monitors but want this virtualized–for mobility!

    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Jakub, you are a genius! I can’t stop thinking of how cool/useful the Rift would be for a virtual work environment and am glad to see there is development on it, though a camera is a perfect addition.

      For example, you’re sitting in from the TV working on some spreadsheets/code/photo or video editing while watching a show, then you get a call or you want to focus on the work. A simple click and you just blanked out the room and can handle the call or remove some distractions.

      Combing the Rift with Leap Motion or some kind of hand input would be a game changer. Similar to things in Minority Report, though much more feasible since you don’t have a giant screen to show everything.

      All of this can be combined into a mobile solution, which the mere thought of is incredible.

  3. Martin says:

    Hi agree with Jakub. Also, being able to see your keyboard would be helpful. A camera overlay would be best. Also, multiple virtual desktops so I can multitask easier without having to use tabs. If you added those two features I would happily pay a premium for something like this.

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