Vengeful rites on sale 25% off with launch of a big patch!


Vengeful rites is a VR RPG for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and WMR headsets.
On sale now on [Steam](! 25% off!

The game has a very Zelda like feel to it, and is made from the ground up for VR. It’s had Swords(Engaging Melee combat), Bows, Magic, climbing(Climbing Puzzles), Mining, Character customization(Skills), Elaborate Puzzles, Bosses that require some unique solutions, and lots to explore and find.

With this new patch, we add a lot more!

* Expanding on the mining feature, we now have iron ore scattered throughout the world, gather this to be able to craft new and rare weapons.
* Forging – Use the iron you gather in a press that gives you a crude weapon, and use the hammer and anvil to hone it to perfection.
* Salvage – If you have some old weapons, salvage them to recover some materials to use towards your new weapon.


* Cut scenes where the player learns more about their quest.
* NPC interaction where the player can actually speak to the shop utilizing windows speech recognition to learn more about the world and the distinct areas.

**New weapons**

* Scepters have been added, a weapon for mages, these weapons will help players who favor the magic play style with perks that help with casting costs.


* Optimizations that yield large performance increases.
* Visual improvements in many areas bringing the world more to life.
* Bug fixes and gameplay improvements thanks to our community on our [discord](

There is a free demo on the steam page if you want to try it and I hope you’ll join us on discord to share your feedback!
My brother and I have been hard at work on chapter 2 as well! So we hope to share some of that with the world soon!


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