Vampire thriller Dark gets rift support

Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios have announced that DARK, the future stealth-action vampire game, will support the god-dang Oculus Rift on a Windows PC. This is definitely the closest you will get to being an actual vampire and feasting away on the blood of a weary peasant. At least until technology moves forward further or a real vampire comes in the night to kill me for my insolence. So it’s going to entertaining in the least.

The game will include full head tracking and along with standard stereoscopic 3D, the game will also support 2D screens running anaglyph 3D (the old cyan and blue paper lenses 3D) for users not lucky enough to own a 3D screen.

The studio recently released a trailer of the game which is below…

Looks like you’ll be able to hunt enemies, suck blood, talk to vampire girls in night clubs and generally be a menace, all in immersive virtual reality.

Dark is slated for release on July 9th for PC and Xbox 360.

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