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Go to to browse the extensive selection of Windows Mixed Reality headsets, controllers and computers, and to learn more about how to use the technology to travel to other worlds from anywhere and escape into amazing experiences. Watch this video to get an overview of how Windows Mixed Reality can quickly and easily immerse you in a new reality. Mixed reality is the blending of the physical world with the digital world. It covers a spectrum of experiences across both holographic and immersive devices. You can set up Windows Mixed Reality PCs and headsets in 10 minutes or less. They’re affordable, plus since they don’t require any external installation, they’re portable and easy to take to another house or room. Inside-out tracking built into the lightweight headsets provides thrilling VR experiences with precise movement, without the need for external sensors on your walls. Browse mixed reality gear from big brands like HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and more. Also check out Windows Mixed Reality Ultra, which offers some additional capabilities, like more apps and experiences, crisper visuals and a higher refresh rate, and the ability to record and share videos and photos of your mixed reality experiences. Check out Windows Mixed Reality online at, or by visiting your nearest Best Buy store today.
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