Train for the Six Nations with the English rugby team in VR

The England rugby team have teamed up with UK mobile network provider O2 to produce an interactive 360 degree experience.

Recorded using nine GoPro Hero 3 cameras on a custom gimbal, ‘Wear the Rose’ is a fully immersive VR experience that puts participants in the middle of an England training session with drills directed by England Attacking Skills Coach Mike Catt.

OculusVR Head of Worldwide Publishing David DeMartini recently disclosed that its newly formed publishing effort would not be restricted to just gaming. “There are other cool things besides games that you can do with the platform: IMAX movies, live concerts, educational programs, that kind of thing. Going outside of gaming, how do I get someone in the travel industry to put up the kind of cameras that let us create a Rift experience of being in, say Barcelona?” I’m sure it will not be long before we see feature length VR experiences.

Further details on ‘Wear the Rose’ from O2 will be released later this month, including where it will be possible to experience the technology first hand.

If you like the look of this video, you can download these interactive live action videos from a post we did a few months ago.

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