TPCAST REVIEW – SHOULD YOU BUY IT? | HTC Vive Wireless Virtual Reality

It´s time for a FULL TPCAST REVIEW with in-depth analysis, wireless VR gameplay tests and my own conclusions. After 2 weeks of using wireless Virtual Reality with TPCAST for HTC Vive, I feel ready to do a full review of TPCAST, listing all the pros & cons I could find, and giving you my honest final opinion if you really should buy it.

How to order TPCAST for HTC Vive?
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TPCAST is an accessory for HTC Vive headsets, making it possible to play Virtual Reality games and applications over a wireless 60 Ghz network. Ever since my TPCAST unboxing & installation video for about 2 weeks ago, I have been testing dozens of VR games and stress testing the TPCAST as much as I could.

I hope you will find this TPCAST review helpful if you are considering to get it for your HTC Vive VR headset upon release very soon, probably September 2017 (according to VR news sites).

Also, don´t miss out my unboxing & installation video of TPCAST:

If you have any questions about my review or the TPCAST unit itself, just leave a comment here below under this video and I will for sure reply as soon as I can.

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