“TORNUFFALO” Full Body Tracking, 3 Vive Trackers

I am excited for the future games that come out supporting full body tracking with 3 trackers. I hope that developers at least add one tracker to their games to add torso tracking. The players character could be tracked so much better just by adding a belt tracker. Multiplayer games character positions would work so much nicer. So many current Virtual Reality games want you to grab your guns from your virtual belt. But they are only guessing where it is. If you are ducking or laying down your virtual belt goes through the ground making it really hard to get stuff from it. A belt tracker would also track body leaning around corners properly. It would also allow you to steer your direction with you hips when using smooth movement locomotion options. We pretty much always walk in the direction our hips are facing so it should make it very intuitive to steer. The trackers don’t come with a wall charger to charge them but they do come with a 3 foot micro USB cable, a USB dock, and a USB dongle. Tornuffalo
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