TheWaveVR Presents: Resident DJ Program & GROUNDSWELL, 4 Days of Parties by the first Resident DJs of TheWaveVR, 3.5.2017-3.8.2017 (x-posted from /r/TheWaveVR)

**We are happy to announce TheWaveVR’s Resident DJ program as well as it’s launch festival, GROUNDSWELL!**

GROUNDSWELL is four days of lit dance music and dope visuals, mixed by TheWaveVR’s new Resident DJs from the community, featuring the resident DJ’s custom music playlists and user-created visuals. GROUNDSWELL kicks off the start of TheWaveVR’s Resident DJ Program, a series of parties thrown several times a week, featuring new music and visuals by active members of TheWaveVR community!

**The lineup and genres are as follows:**

3.5.2017 6PM PT – Dj Reactivity – Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Deep Bass, Miami Club

3.6.2017 5PM PT – The Notorious R.B.G. – Psytrance

3.7.2017 7PM PT – EVOL – Drum & Bass, Trap, Future Bass

3.8.2017 6PM PT – DJ Dett – Dubstep, Hard House

TheWaveVR’s Resident DJ Program is a concept we’re starting with GROUNDSWELL, where users apply to throw regularly scheduled parties, using their own music rather than the songs we ship with. This is so we can have frequent and unique events between our big shows and improve on our music tools and features before they become available to everyone, such as custom music import and streaming (two of the most user-requested features we have been making steps towards!). Due to current technical and logistical constraints, we can only accept a limited number of Resident DJs at a time, but we will be adding more DJs to regular show lineup as seats become available and we expand our tech. The application to apply for the resident DJ program is here, and we are accepting applicants on a rolling basis:

The calendar of regular shows will be available here:

We’ll be pushing a new build of TheWaveVR in the coming week. Changelog will be posted at that time. **The next update to TheWaveVR will be a major update, with a lot of new features! We’re excited to unveil them when the time comes!**


You can download TheWaveVR for free on Steam in the US. ** We’re currently working on expanding worldwide. ** We are designed for a room-scale experience using the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift (with Touch controllers), with experimental support for Windows MR!

We have an officially verified Discord server! Jump in and meet our very friendly community!

You can also follow us on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on our app and new events. There is also an active community-run subreddit and a community-run steam group!

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