The Lag and Oculus

Countless gamers have felt this dreaded sensation in the world of online gaming: The Lag.

We’ve all had to deal with it. The number of times I heard a comrade shout: “F@@king Lag!” and then complain about missing out on a sweet skill or biting the dust themselves. Or the amount of times I heard: “Whoa! You see that? This lag is insane!”

Needless to say that this is incredibly annoying and can seriously ruin your flow or even disconnect you from the wonderful internet. What if this happened in real life? What if internet lag was presented to you in the real world? How would your body and brain cope with it? This is exactly what Swedish broadband provider asked themselves and the result is the ‘Living with Lag’ experiment. The experiment was created touch with ad agency ANR BBDO and produced by the production company Stopp.

They combined the powers of the Oculus Rift, Raspberry Pi (a credit card sized computer), webcam and noise-cancelling headphones to ensure that the participants were fully immersed in their delayed version of real life. The participants headsets were set with multiple real life lag settings of a few seconds. Then they were asked to conduct menial everyday tasks like playing ping pong and frying an egg.

“The equipment was developed and tested to simulate a real-life lag and set up to be controlled remotely to switch between different times of delay and quality drops,” explains Stopp. “Both sound and video could be controlled separately and combined with a few other effects like buffering and video resolution constraints… The experiment was carried out during two laughter-filled days in UmeaĚŠ, Sweden.”

Hats off to the swedes for creating a brilliant future add for broadband companies. Looks like people are always finding new and fun ways to utilise the Oculus. Check out the hilarious video below.

Written and contributed by E M & J C

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