The saddest thing to me about all the people who are holding off on buying VR


I remember growing up as a child of the 80’s believing something bizarre. I believed that as you grew older, you’d naturally stop liking video games.

The reason I believed this is because all the older folks that I knew didn’t like video games. I knew enough to know that older folks were once kids too, so they must’ve liked video games (as all the kids I knew did!). I didn’t understand that video games themselves were a NEW THING. They didn’t have these games growing up. Some of them didn’t even have TV!

Right now, I see plenty of posts of people who don’t get where things are going. They don’t understand that you can create anything in VR, and just be in it, and interact with it. And the positive person in me thinks “Oh as soon as they see it, they’ll get it! They’ll love it!”

But that’s not true right? When video games came out, many older folk saw no need for such distractions. They never bothered to get into things. They decried computers as a whole and only now, 20-30 years after the fact, do they begrudgingly slog into the future now that they can’t buy a phone without it *being* a computer.

Yes, these are the early days of VR. But these are also the GLORY DAYS of VR. Please, please don’t miss them. Please, please don’t grow up.

(Note: I know I am an “old person” now, at least in how I defined “old people” as a young child. I am not saying that all people actually grow out of technology, as I am embracing this new generation with open arms, as are all of you.)


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