The recent Oculus marketing onslaught almost got me to buy one


Ive been a VR fan for 6-7 yrs.. I had a DK2 preodered since day one.. had a vive preorded on day one.. never had a rift because its launch was absolutely pathetic compared to the vive so I chose vive and stuck with it at first.. but I ended up getting disenchanted with VR pretty damn fast due to the lack of good content, also I had nose surgery over a yr ago and couldnt hold the headset on my face so I sold the vive..

But lately FB has pumped a shitton of money into oculus marketing, the past couple of months Ive been seeing constant oculus ads on my FB and IG feeds with cool graphics and enticing promos, not to mention a recent push that had all sorts of gaming and tech outlets releasing positive articles about the Rift and VR.. I know not a single truly earth-shattering AAA must-have game has come out for VR yet, but I’m kind of interested in lil things like lone echo, ironwolf, derail valley, vrchat, oculus home etc.. so I decided to take the plunge and I went out to buy a rift.. I had walked by it at best buy hundreds of times without thinking much of it after all..

Well I went all around town today to every single Best Buy and MS store in this city and anything Oculus-related was completely sold out everywhere.. I dunno if my current oculus-fever will last until they restock, or if I would go as far as ordering online, I was debating on whether the odyssey+ might be better even though the cable looks awfully short.. but I just wanted to comment on what a great job FB is doing with the marketing these past couple of months, they have the resources to turn Oculus into a household gaming name, if VR is the next paradigm of gaming/entertainment, Oculus has a big advantage already.. the vive has fallen off so hard, and a lot of ppl never really became familiar with it to begin with, even after 3 years..


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