The Golf Club VR MIXED REALITY Gameplay on HTC Vive! Best Golf Game in Virtual Reality, no doubt!

Let´s do another The Golf Club VR Gameplay in MIXED REALITY on HTC Vive. The Golf Club VR is truly the most realistic, advanced and polished Virtual Reality Golf Game and VR Golf Simulator. This capture is my latest Mixed Reality experience from my VR gameplay, as I´m playing a few holes on various golf courses. Also, I´m trying out the new Rival-game mode in The Golf Club that gives us a challenging multiplayer-like offline matches against recorded progress of other golf players on Steam.

The Golf Club VR really amazes me every time I step into those virtual reality courses, swinging the golf clubs and practicing my golfing skills. It truly is an immersive VR-experience with polished graphics, beautiful environments and extremely realistic physics and gameplay. This is – in my opinion – one of the Top 5 best games for the HTC Vive as of today, as the VR-support is incredibly well-made. If you still have not tried out The Golf Club, I honestly recommend you to take a look at this title, as I think a golf game in virtual reality won´t get much better than this!

The Golf Club VR for HTC Vive is available on Steam:

Let me know what you think about my Golf Club VR Mixed Reality gameplay and capture, guys. I think this VR-title deserves a much better MR-video than I did before, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did while capturing my gameplay.

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Try out The Golf Club VR and I can promise you that you will love it! Until next time, take care and enjoy virtual reality guys!


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