SteamVR BETA update for late 10/22/18 (10/23/18)

Via [the Steam Community](

### General
* Fix issue where the Applications settings tab would refresh and change focus to SteamVR Home intermittently. The dropdown will now only auto-select third-party apps when they are initially launched, and SteamVR Home will no longer be auto-selected when an app exits.
* Allow developers and advanced users to disable all async and reprojection features by pressing Shift+A in the mirror window. This setting will persist until SteamVR exits to avoid customers accidentally disabling async persistently across launches of SteamVR without knowing how to re-enable it. A message will be displayed in the upper left corner of the mirror window notifying you that async and reprojection have been disabled. Pressing Shift+A has the same effect as disabling async, disabling interleaved reprojection, and enabling “always-on reprojection” (which just gives a full frame of running start to the app) in older versions of SteamVR.

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