Steam constantly logging false gameplay hours for SteamVR


I haven’t played VR for over a week (because it’s been hot here and I don’t feel like playing if I’m sweating even before starting), but Steam keeps logging me SteamVR hours. According to Steam, I’ve had SteamVR on for 157 hours in the last 2 weeks, but in reality I’ve only played VR for 7 hours in that time.

Is there something I can do to fix this? My SteamVR hours are up to a total of 700 already, having owned a Vive for 6 months, which is a pretty huge number for VR.

I know the issue doesn’t really affect anything, but I’d rather have the actual recent activity hours than a fake, hugely inflated number.

Edit: So thanks to /u/Celsian mentioning their issue, I realized that the timer isn’t running in the background, but it’s just running wildly accelerated whenever I’m actually playing in VR. As an example, I just played in VR for 2 hours and the time jumped from 157 hours to 357 hours. So it’s just the SteamVR hours ticking about 100 times faster than they’re supposed to.


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