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Spectra Sonics & Prohecht – Inside Out (feat. Dj Iry) | Oculus Rift Blog

Spectra Sonics & Prohecht – Inside Out (feat. Dj Iry)

VA. Trophy Munters Vol.1 (Compiled by Pieman and Suddha)

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DJs Pieman and Suddha lock horns for a psychedelic safari tracking down some of the rarest humans and sounds on the planet.

Trophy Munters stokes a nasal barrel and raises a loaded glass to all the people who traverse countries and continents scoping out good times, hunting down killer parties and collecting memories for their wobbly mental cabinets.

Inspired by the Spirit Tribe festival in Yunnan, China, this international arsenal of sound comes with its sights locked on dancefloors across the globe.

Massive thanks to all the contributing artists, Alex Alien Art for the design and fellow munters at Bom Shanka Music, Sangoma Records, Looney Moon, Purple Hexagon & BMSS for support.

Released in two volumes, Trophy Munters celebrates everyone that has supported the evolving scene in China and endeavours to help keep the gurn firmly in the game.

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