SONY WORKING ON 360 ROOMSCALE FOR PSVR? – VR Dev Updates On Knuckles Controller Testing & More

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News starts with Gear VR and Rift VR Game, ‘KILN’. Next, VR Strategy game ‘Skyworld’ for Rift/Vive.

After we talk about ‘CollabHub’ a whiteboard collaboration app for VR and Sony confirms streaming details for 5.0 firmware.

Next, Hover Junkers to get FREE single player campaign and Sony hiring position for what is speculated to be 360 roomscale type technology for PSVR.

Lastly, an update from the ‘Climbey’ dev on the Knuckles controller from Vive based on 2 weeks of testing.


Headline: Amsterdam Based Developer House of Secrets to Release first VR Game Titled ‘KIN’
Timeline: 00:00 to 01:03

Headline: VR Strategy Game Skyworld Now Coming Rift/Vive in Fall

VR Strategy Game Skyworld Now Coming To Windows VR, Rift, and Vive This Fall

Timeline: 01:04 to 01:54

Headline: Collabhub Provides a Virtual Whiteboard with Multiple Business and Non Business Potential
Timeline: 01:55 to 03:06

Headline: Quick Playstation 4 Firmware 5.0 Update on story from last week
Timeline: 03:07 to 03:26

Headline: Hover Junkers Early VR Multiplayer Title to get Single Player Campaign Mode
Timeline: 03:27 to 04:47

Headline: Multi-Sensor PSVR Tracking in the Works?
Timeline: 04:48 to 06:16

Headline: Climbey Dev Provides UploadVR with update on Knuckles With Lone Echo and Echo Arena
Timeline: 06:17 to 08:36


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