Sony Unveals VR Project Morpheus for the Playstation 4 – Virtual Reality is here!

Sony Unveils their Virtual Reality Project code-named “Project Morpheus”! – GDC, San Francisco

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As of recently, we have been getting teased about what’s to come in the future of video games. On the Blue Corner, The Oculus Rift gave us a hint of what could be and has certainly stirred things up in the gaming community.

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And on the RED corner, with a pounding 17.3 billion pounds SONY!
That’s right, Sony has FINALLY unveiled at the GDC Convention in San Francisco, what they call Project Morpheus — A virtual reality system that promises to immerse gamers in the games they’re playing.

Sony’s President of Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yushida explained at the conference that this device might as well revolutionize the world of video games.

This VR system would give you 360 degree immersion in your game. Hold on, I know what you’re thinking ” Hey I wear glasses, what about me?!?!” Shuhei specifically addressed this issue saying that gamers with glasses should NOT fear because the system would be design with everyone in mind.

Imagine this… you put your VR Headset and power on your game — You wake up in a hospital bed, you look over and see wilted flowers and no staff around — you get out of your hospital bed and fall on the ground because you’re weak but struggle back up.

The silence is so dominant that you could hear a pin drop. You walk out of your room into a poorly lit hall with flickering lights and furniture scattered around the hall — still no one to be seen. You call out for help and no one replies. You then get to a chained doorway with the sign — Don’t open, Dead inside… as you see rotten hands trying to break the doors open.

LOL! Just imagine how AWESOME that would be.
I don’t know about you, guys, but I’m extremely excited to see that the big players in the gaming industry are looking ahead into the future of gaming. I think it’s too early to say what will become of this VR system so all we can do is.. keep’on gamin.

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