Smashbox Arena Free to Play Weekend May 18th-21st (Today – Sunday!)

Hey guys,

Just a heads up that [Smashbox Arena]( is free to play this weekend **starting at noon on May 18th (that’s today!)**. Note this is not just the demo, but the entire game, free. Just download it it on Steam and join us for some fun!

I’m a long time proponent of this game It’s the only VR game I have played extensively, at 68 hours and counting. I have 6 real life friends with VR (2 Oculus and 4 Vive) and it’s one of our favorite games to play and it’s most of their favorite games in VR period. We have been playing it for months (since it’s release practically) and it’s still a blast.

Smashbox is deeper than it first seems with some really neat strategies and counters that only become apparent the more you play. The game has also had some really neat additions recently with new modes, new levels, and a revamped level up and lobby systems. Hope to see some of you online!

For those that don’t know how the Steam Free Weekends work, the game should just magically appear in your Steam library to download and play. At the end of the weekend if will disappear unless you bought it for the sale price during the same period.

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