Seeking Dawn problems

Ok, so I know the devs pop up here, so I’m hoping to hear some feedback from them maybe and other people that and I’m really anticipating the release of Seeking Dawn.

There’s a lot that’s good with the updated Seeking Dawn trailer/teaser. The world is a lot more beautiful, detailed, lush and fleshed out than what was in the earlier trailers or the angle of view is wider so we can see more of what was already there.

…but there are some troubling small things as well which I’m hoping won’t make the final cut, atleast for the PSVR version anyway:

The red gloves in the early trailers were really unique in look and utility with the additional gadgets that were on the gloves. The muted tone grey and blue gloves go in the opposite direction and help to dumb the game down. The current gloves help make the game look more generic and it stands out a lot less from other similar FPS’ and you don’t want people to pass the game up for that reason. The hands are only part of your character that you see in-game, so they are very important, particualrly in the sci-fi genre.

The voice of the protagonist is bad, like really bad. The voice audio is the only way the player can connect him/herself aurally to the character they are playing and that’s important too. The voice currently sounds like cheap Duke Nukem impression from the 90’s…Duke Nukem is a failed franchise after multple attempts to revive it. The original voiceover, which I think was British was better in that it wasn’t grating to the ears.

The pacing of the early trailer made the game seem more exploratorive with mystery and a healthy amount of gunplay, which is infintely more interesting than an oversimple “Bug Hunt”, which is where it seems to be sitting now. Obviously, the game itself might feel more explorative than combat oriented, but we’ll have to see.

The title design has been pretty bad since the beginning but it keeps changing, which is nice to see. It’s hard to say where to go now without really knowing the pillars/themes of the game just yet, but it’s safe to recommend either taking a little direction from the Bioshock title logo, or to go with a flat color title with a customised font like Horizon Zero Dawn and a lot of other modern games in front of a verry polished rendering from the game in the background.
A bad title logo can make your game appear much cheaper in production quality than it actually is.

The gunfire sound effects sound bad right now. It seems like we’ll be running around an Alien world with tons of huge, aggressive, ravenous animals with only a small array of Pea shooters to defend ourselves with. Hopefully, they are only temporary place holder sounds.

Seeking Dawn is a very anticipated game for me and has been for some time I just want to see it be as succesful as it possibly can be.

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