Samsung LoopPay, Apple Car rumors, Facebook VR, + more—the Friday Five

The Friday Five highlights the biggest tech news of the week: announcements, releases, and anything you can’t miss from the world of digital products.

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1. New IFTTT native apps
This week, IFTTT came out with three new iOS and Android apps that help people automate everything in their life from social media ccounts to their photo backups to the lightbulbs in their home. IFTTT, which stands for “if this, then that” now allows users to access common tasks from one of their suite of native apps.

2. Uber food delivery service
Uber this week continued its run of diversifying its business offerings with a food delivery service in Barcelona. The product will compete with services like Grubhub and PostMates should Uber decide to expand this globally.

3. Samsung acquires LoopPay
Samsung this week acquired LoopPay, a mobile payments platform that will allow it to build a viable competitor to Apple Pay. Now, Android users with Samsung phones can choose between Softcard from the mobile carriers, and Google Wallet, the traditional NFC payments option on Android phones.

4. Facebook’s focus on virtual reality
At this week’s Code Media Conference, Chris Cox, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, announced that the company is building virtual reality versions of its core apps. This news should come as no surprise following Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, the buzz worthy virtual reality headset, earlier last year.

5. Apple Car rumors
And finally, rumors about the Apple Car continue to swirl with numerous sightings of a self-driving van across the country reportedly registered to Apple. In addition, Apple job postings for battery engineers and automotive experts add fuel to the fire of Apple’s automotive ambitions.

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