Rift Release 1.16 Rolling Out This Week

Rift Release 1.16 is now rolling out to all users. Release notes are listed below.



**Mixed reality capture:** We’ve begun adding support for developers who want to create videos and content that merges live footage of people using Rift and Touch with VR footage from their apps. It may be a little while before you see the end results, since mixed reality requires developers to take several steps including updating their apps and setting up an extra Touch controller as a trackable VR Object before recording the footage, but we’re excited about the future.


**Oculus apps and software updates:** We redesigned the interface and the technical process for updates to give you more information and control over each update. You’ll have access to release notes to find out what’s new in each update, and the interface is now clearer and easier to use.
Issue reporting: You can now report an issue directly from within the Oculus software, to help us make future improvements. Note that you should still contact Oculus Support directly if you’re having an ongoing issue.


**Environments:** Environments change the look of Oculus Home. The next time you enter Oculus Home after updating the Oculus software, you’ll see the new Cityscape environment. If you wish, you can switch back to the Classic Oculus Home environment. We’ll also be adding more environments later.


**Friends:** If your friends choose to let you know, you’ll now see whether your Oculus friends and Facebook friends are using Rift or Gear VR.


**Language support:** You’ll now be able to choose one of four supported languages when initially setting up Rift and Touch.


**Oculus Store:** We’ve started supporting 360º-only apps, games, and experiences. We’ll tell you which apps and games require a 360º tracking configuration, and we’ll also alert you if you’re about to purchase this content and we aren’t sure you have 360º tracking configured. Also, we’ve added full-screen screenshots for apps.


######Bug Fixes:


**Oculus software on your computer:** Fixed an issue with window scaling.

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