QuakeCon 2008 – John Carmack Keynote

In John Carmack”s keynote, the id Software president and technical director started off discussing the issue of id”s rapid growth. The company was tired of having very long development cycles as they did with DOOM 3 and had to expand to keep up with modern development times. Carmack said the company will continue to expand even greater and hire additional help to complete Rage. Most of the keynote was devoted to mobile game development and the rewarding feeling Carmack gets from completing a game in such a short period of time. He talked about the problems associated with getting a mobile game published properly on distribution channels and that using well know game titles such as DOOM greatly helps with sales. Carmack spent a great deal of time praising the iPhone, but was unhappy that id Modile does not have a game of the platform yet. Carmack then moved on the talk about id Software”s upcoming projects such as the single player focused DOOM 4. After Carmack discussed mobile gaming and QuakeLive, he reverted back to the old days of keynotes where technical ramble was the prominent topic. In this section of the keynote, Carmack said that the hardware does not even exist yet for what would need to power id Tech 6. Yes, that”s right, Id Tech 6! He also mentioned that currently the id Tech 5 engine is in the hands of other developers and that Linux ports of future games were very very low on their list of priorities.


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