PSVR Problems – No picture inside the headset/no TV after new update

Hey everyone,

I’ve had my PSVR since release and care for it like it’s a baby, but yesterday after wanting to play a round and starting everything up I just got a black screen inside my headset (not even the NO HDMI notice). The lights behind the headsets glow. I didn’t change any cables or twisted them ever. What I also noticed was that my TV was also not showing the PS4 screen anymore as soon as I turn the headset on. When I turn it off again I see everything again.

I tried the following:

Used 4 different HDMI cables in different ways (Monster Cable, AmazonBasics High Speed Cable which I use for the PS4 Pro, the PSVR cable and my Wii U HDMI cable)
Turned everything completely off
Turned the processor unit completely off for 60 seconds
Tried the 10 second reboot thing for the processor unit I’ve read about
Turned HDPC off and tried it same thing

I even looked at cable 5 (which seems to break easily on what I’ve read? Sony what?) but I always sit in a chair without the cables getting twisted or anything like that.

Since I’ve this device since release I guess Sony would only like to see my money now which is an insane amount. Does anyone still have any tips? I have that problem since the 6.02 update 🙁 The thing does not even have that much room to go around everywhere so it stays in one place all the time

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