Playing with Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Hololens is something I’ve been dying to try for almost a year now and this week my dream finally came true! In short Hololens is what is called Augmented Reality vs what has been in the news and on my channel a lot lately, Virtual Reality. Augmented Realty or AR for short is different then VR because it adds things to your environment rather then replacing it. If you’re familiar with Google Glass, that was basically the first AR device on the mass market and gave us the first glimpse of what AR can do. While Hololens is still very beta and not widely available (I literally could have sold this on ebay for like $15k… opening the box when it arrived was a very hard decision..) I really like where things are going here and I see good things in the future.


My other Virtual Reality / Augmented Realty videos:


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