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It’s been a busy few weeks for Mr. Palmer Luckey. When he’s not stealing the show at CES or topping Forbes 30 under 30 list, Palmer has been welcoming new faces into the OculusVR family and frantically making sure he gets his dev kits ready for their emancipation on frenzied developers in March.

Palmer has said that he likes to ‘stay low profile’, and even goes as far as not having an avatar photo on his MTBS3D profile (PalmerTech for those that are interested), but we grabbed him to see if we could glean any additional nuggets of information from him: a mini-interview for your reading pleasure:


ORB:    Palmer, thank you for taking the time to answer this brief Q & A, we know you’re busy do i will keep questions brief. To start with, what kind of display output will the OR dev kit use?

PL:        HDMI and DVI.

ORB:    Will the $300 Dev Kit come completely assembled?

PL:        Yes.

ORB:    Does the OR support any kind of 3rd party 3D driver and if so, will there be any kind of head tracking for non OR-ready games?

PL:        No, and no. There are several drivers from other companies in the works, but we are not working on any.

ORB:     Can you recommend the best headphones to use with the Oculus Rift?

PL:         I like AudioTechnica AD700s.

ORB:    Will the OR 2.0 be console ready for its launch in 2014?

PL:         That is entirely up to the console manufacturers and the game devs, not us.

ORB:     Can people with glasses / bad eyesight fully appreciate the Oculus Rift?

PL:         They can get a good experience, but we won’t have fully adjustable focus until our next revision.

ORB:     When are consumer pre orders available?

PL:         No plans for that yet.

ORB:     What is the best game you have played so far on the Rift?

PL:         I can’t say.

ORB:    Can you give us a hint at any big OR Ready titles that will be coming out soon?

PL:         Nope, we are leaving any kind of game announcements to the developers!

ORB:    Fair enough! Thank you very much once again Palmer, always a pleasure.


Short and sweet, we hope you have found some if not all of the above info satisfying. We’re certainly a lot more content to know that both HDMI and DVI will be supported, and the pre-assembled dev kits will also make life a lot easier for those of us that aren’t quite so comfortable with a soldering iron.

Palmer also took the time recently to answer some fan questions for the MTBS3D forum here, which are well worth a read.

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  1. Dr. Kalish says:

    I do hope you will reply to this mail.

    The sales representatives are doing a very poor job in working out purchase issues.

    I am interested in purchasing a OR- DK , I do research in neuro-ophthalmology. Mainly interested in eye movements and brain control/response times.

    I cannot get through the sales support people to complete this purchase.

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