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OculusRift-Blog.com | Oculus Rift Blog



We are a couple of die hard(core) gamers who have been dreaming of VR since we were old enough to spell it.

When we heard about the rift, we immediately pre-ordered our dev kits and created a place where other rift users could quickly and easily find all of the most useful information about the rift.

We will be testing the Rift in every imaginable way and will be collecting every bit of relevant news that the internet has to offer to bring you an UNOFFICIAL, yet comprehensive insight into the upcoming VR revolution.

Palmer Luckey, you sir are the man!



2 Eaton Gate,


London, UK


admin@oculusrift-blog.com / oculusriftblog@gmail.com


6 Responses

  1. Christian Feo says:

    Hey guys, I’m a computer science student and a gamer and been looking to find somewhere to try it here in london! Are you guys willing to do a meetup to show the oculus and give it a go?



    • J says:

      Hi Chris,

      We know of a company who might let you have a go.

      We have emailed you their email address. Good luck!

  2. AdamL288 says:


    I just saw this post and am also curious about finding somewhere to demo the product in London before I buy. I joined a meetup group that appears to be rather inactive. If there’s still the possibility of getting in touch with anyone in London who is willing to do demos, would you be able to email me their details too?


  3. Lotu says:

    Hey, just done some research about some of this new technology and was wondering in comparison to graphics of the PS4 or XBOX1, Just tell me, how great is the Oculus Rift?

  4. Marcus Wilson says:

    Hello there wonderful people at Oculus . My name is Marcus Wilson and I am currently a junior at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. I am currently a biology major but I know that gaming and technology are my real passions. I have been an active gamer since birth and it would be a dream come true if I could work with you guys, or get a chance to intern/shadow. Ever since I seen this corny anime Sword Art Online I knew one day virtual reality would take over the whole gaming industry. It would be great to be apart of this. In my spare time when I’m not studying Im trying to learn coding, marketing, and philosophy, anything to make myself more marketable. Any opportunity would be much appreciated even if I got to sweep the place at night. I hope one day to have a successful career and I would love it if you guys would give me a chance

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