New dev advice

Where other then reddit can a new developer post info about their project to get some exposure? I got banned from the vive reddit for posting 3 gameplay video’s. Apparently they don’t tolerate “Self Promotion”.


The project I am building is one of the many VR experiences that I feel you have to try it to understand how fun it can be. Its just a simple scene builder and viewer. But I am designing it in a way that its very easy and intuitive to use. Unlike how daunting it can be to use a program like Unity to build a scene for personal viewing. I also set up saving so you can share your scene with others.


At first this may seem “Boring”. There is really no gameplay. But trust me, if you are like me and have really no artistic talent at all. Its very rewarding to create something that looks great. Then scale it up to life size and look around your scene.


I have this posted for free at if you want to try out the alpha version. I will be releasing a new version in a few weeks with snap controls that are coming along very nicely.


After the next release I am going to officially call it a beta and start a kickstarter campaign to raise money for content. But I have been posting video’s on reddit to “advertise” and so far only 12 people have even downloaded it. I don’t feel reddit is the best place to spread the word about a new project. So any advice would be appreciated.

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