My Top 5 Gear VR & Oculus Go Movie Apps – From Cinema to TV in VR

My latest top 5 Gear VR & Oculus Go Movie and TV Apps range from basic VR video players to impressive content rich Cinema style VR experiences. Make sure to add comment below of your top 5 movie, tv or general video watching apps.

I surprisingly got my Oculus Go a couple days after posting this video. All my picks shown here will work in Oculus Go… WOOHOO!

ModeVR Merch:
➞ Sofa Pillow (
➞ Face Mug (
➞ More Coming Soon!

Links To Apps:
➞ CineVR (
➞ Skybox VR (
➞ Netflix (
➞ Hulu (
➞ Oculus Browser (


➞ GearVR Headset (
➞ GearVR Fan (CUVR):
➞ GearVR Large Case:
➞ GearVR Replacement Face Pad:

* some of these links are affiliate links… thanks in advance for your support. *

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