Mr. Palmer Luckey meets HASHILUS!!

Oculus Rift Inventor, Mr. Palmer Luckey meets “Hashilus” horseback riding simulator in UNITE JAPAN 2014.
Hahilus make you experience riding horse with your five senses.

Team Hashilus
Produce: Kohtaro Fujiyama (@tezumashi)
Base Program, Art Direction: Ouka Ichimon (@oukaichimon)
Main Program: wafflemaker (@waffle_maker)
JOBA Hack: Shuichi Murakami (@shu1jp)
Motion Help: R-tenP (@Rinforzando_960)
Special Thanks: GOROman (@GOROman)

With Hashilus I wanted to focus on the sense of immersion.
In a FPS, it would feel weird if what you see changed while you the player are not walking right? To give another example, if you would be flying in VR, but have your feet on the ground at the same time, then what you see and what you feel don’t match right?

I solve this problem using the JOBA (joba means “horse riding”). The game itself is quite straightforward and simply has you riding, speeding up, going up and down hills and then reach the finish.
There is no jumping over obstacles or battles with enemies. It is this simplicity which is important.

Having wind blow into your face and feeling the saddle move beneath you means that what you see and what you feel matches up perfectly. This results in a high level of immersion that is hard to achieve with your average motorcycle- or flight simulator.

Also, walking on treadmills can be very dangerous since the player is shut off from the outside world. Using a JOBA solves this safety issue.
Additionally, because a JOBA set-up is both light and small, it’s easy to put it on display just about anywhere, and attracts attention from lots of onlookers. It’s also one of the possible ways to give people an impression of VR, even if they are not the ones demoing it. (To that end, I chose to not use headphones and have the galloping sound come from speakers on the ground instead.)

What I’m aiming for next is to make this concept work with anime with horses in it, and to get it into theme parks and sightseeing areas and such. Btw, I bought the JOBA device off an auction for a mere 30 dollars. I paid 50 dollars for shipping though!


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