MPC-HC 1.7.11 can now decode MVC MKV/Blu-Ray (stereoscopic player no longer needed)

Great free alternative to Stereoscopic Player, works nicely with bigscreen beta.

* Download:
* Download and register madVR:
* Download the associated MKV library:
* 32-bit:
* 64-bit:
* Install MPC-HC and bigscreen beta (or similar software with SBS function)
* Copy the MVC library to the LAVFilters folder as described below in the changelog
* Open an MVC mkv (probably needs encryption removed)

I assume it would work for blu ray 3d’s out of the box if you have anydvd or similar installed.
VSync on seemed best for me

madVR seems to be quite demanding and makes ASW want to kick in, if someone can find a way to get it working without that would probably be ideal.

The ideal would be to skip the SBS step entirely and have each image being sent directly to the appropriate screen of the rift rather but not sure we would see that any time soon.


LAV Splitter: Support demuxing H264 MVC
LAV Video Decoder: Add a basic H264 MVC decoder based on Intel MediaSDK. Note that for now the Intel MediaSDK library is not distributed with MPC-HC. If you want to use this new decoder, you have to download the library
64-bit: and decompress it to the LAVFilters(64) folder.

edit: seems madVR is required, if someone can find a way to get it working with the default render that would be handy
edit2: might not work for blu rays directly judging by point 5 of: although its an old post

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