Moss showed me that Little Nightmares would make for an incredible PSVR game

So after playing through Moss (a fantastic, albeit short, experience) and the Little Nightmares DLC so close to each other I’ve realised that, in a lot of ways, the two games are *highly* similar to each other. Because of this I found that whilst playing the latter I couldn’t get the thought out of my head on how *amazing* it would be in VR, and how easy it would be (after technical issues) to get it working in the medium.

Whilst the games aren’t any where near similar in tone, Little Nightmares shares a lot of its DNA with Moss. Both are 2/3D hybrid games with a focus on the depth of the play area Both feature a small main character in a much larger world, using that for tension and/or scares. Both even use the same camera system that can be manipulated by the player (either by turning your head or using the right stick). The only major difference in the base gameplay is that Little Nightmares doesn’t have fixed points, but since you rarely move that fast through the environments anyway that shouldn’t be a major issue.

Little Nightmares in particular features a setting and world that I think would be amazing to experience in VR. The use of lighting to accentuate and hide the horrible monsters you go up against is exquisite, and being ‘immersed’ into that game world by way of VR would be, I think, very scary.

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