Mini Go review

I’ll rattle through them: It’s pretty comfy, not more so than a Rift, but ok. There are no headphones, but the internal speakers act as headphones. It’s uncannily good, but obviously leaks a bit more than headphones.

The screens are good. some colour bleed if you aren’t looking dead on, I noticed a sort of yellow edge to things when looking towards the bottom of the lenses. Hard to compare to the Rift.

Response time is good. The remote tracking is not perfect but good enough, and the remote itself is nice.

The set up was quick and easy. Install the phone app and it deals with the tricky stuff.

The app store is a bit of a mess. It looks like the Android app store but there’s no tab for apps you’ve bought (or have free). That felt a bit of a struggle. They might be in “Home” but I wasn’t I was in the App store.

Graphics so far have been ok. I think we have to set our expectations on what graphical fidelity we can expect and it’s not the same as my 1080ti can churn out. It is pretty impressive though and seems to be tuned for the device so you get a smooth experience first and formost.

I also don’t understand the permissions the apps are asking for. There’s a roller coaster one that it gave me that requested permission to record audio. I said no and it still worked. Others wanted to read your calls? On the Go? Is it now tethered to my phone or is it just Android dev stuff gone wild?

Oh, the build in browser is ok, but I miss my ad blocker first and foremost. Second I couldn’t find a way to stretch the window. You can reshape it, but, using youtube as an example, by default you can’t fit the whole Youtube video window in the view. I don’t get it.

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