Microsoft HoloLens : Xbox App playing Gears Of War 4 on a holographic screen avec holo friends

After eating too many mince pies , my gaming skills are somewhat challenged. This is a test of the Xbox Beta streaming app which lets you play anything on Xbox One on a holographic screen of any size. Gears Of War 4 is being streamed from a Xbox One Slim 3 floors away, you can see the Xbox Beta is running far slicker than it was back in June when I made my original videos using it. Check the additional holograms that can now run whilst the game is being streamed. The cloud is key to mass HMD uptake also not having devs / users tearing any remaining hair out over how to VR or MR their AAA / Indie games . Also note HoloLens does not overheat or shut down during this 40 minute mince pie fuelled ‘test. As for the holo pets watching along , one day this will be in game out of game holo characters , Cortana commenting to you in holographic form when you play Halo 6. Filmed thru my #HoloLens NB the capture is @ 24FPS , the gameplay frame rate is far higher so this is an approximation of the experience , you also do not see the 3D holograms I see … but you will do … you will do when this tech goes mass consumer


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