Microsoft HoloLens : An hour with HoloMaps from Seattle to checking tweets atop Trump Tower

An hour flew by as I messed with HoloMaps for the first time, an hour, this is more time than I afford games these days. It’s the realization of a dream … holographic 3D maps on a coffee table you know that staple of every great 70s sci-fi film / book. Except this is the moment thru HoloLens it becomes science and that’s the kick MR is a science with a mass application, VR is and will remain science fiction without a mass application. So we check out Seattle, New York , San Francisco and more as I get to grips with using HoloMaps finishing up @ Trump Tower where Donald may or not be tweeting from his penthouse or could this be just more fakenews? You’ll also hear my take on the FOV of HMDs at the end of this video filmed thru my #HoloLens .I’ve actually been messing with VR and AR google maps long before I got HoloLens , here’s the first example of Mobile Android 3D HMD Google Maps : Mobilizing VR:Android TriDef 3D Beta siliconmicrodisplay ST1080 HMD sbs 1080p AR&VR which you can view in any VR HMD today


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