Mervils : A VR Adventure First Impressions

Mervils: A VR Adventure is an indie game created by a 2 man team & is currently on the EU store for £6.49.

I had this game suggested to me by a viewer while playing dreadhalls, we was discussing some of our old school gaming (we nearly always end up talking retro), he mentioned Mario 64 & VR! To say I was excited is an understatement & my imagination probably went a bit too far.

I think the platform genre & VR make a super combination, so I was eager to play Mervils : A VR Adventure.

I have always enjoyed platformers & the glimmer of hope from the short platformer in PlayroomVR has stayed with me, and that one day a true high budget platformer will arise on PSVR. I would love Crash Bandicoot or Rachet & Clank to get a VR update. (Can’t wait for E3🙏COME ON SONY👊)

I was sent a code the very next day & the developers confirmed Super Mario 64 was indeed the inspiration for this game along with Spyro but personally it reminded me of Banjo Koozie & Croc (all great games in my option)

Graphics are bold, sharp, colourful & the levels are massive. Your main mission is to collect notes so you can move on to the next level, but there are also mini challenges set by local villagers too.

You’ll be collecting diamonds, spells, coins, Killing monsters,unlocking chests & using warp gates to move around plus shooting yourself in a FPS perspective out of a canon just like Mario 64 is pretty awesome.

The longer I played, the more the game gained unexpected depth. It feels like you can get into this game for the long haul.

Mervils was a wonderful surprise & for an indie game the platforming was spot on.

Seated playing on the PRO & using DualShock I explored the options. We have smooth turning with variable speeds, customisable characters, weapons & armour to unlock. I’m not sure how much gameplay there is here but I’ve heard it’s a massive game & in my 1hour+ livestream I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I hope you enjoyed this little write up. For more PSVR content & more Mervils : A VR Adventure content check out Gamertag VR profile.
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