Make Your Own ‘Oculus Rift’ like HMD

A bright spark by the name of Rod Furlan over on MTBS3D has come up with a pretty novel solution to keep him busy until the Oculus Rift Developers Kit arrives some time in March 2013.

The gaming world has been sent into a frenzy ever since the VR Kickstarter Project reached it’s $250,000 goal within 4 hours! With tremendous appraisal from the likes of Gaming Gods Carmack and Bleszinsky.

While Rod has stated that this is by no means meant to be a competitor to the Oculus Rift, it is designed to “carry on the DIY VR torch”

It is missing various features such as head tracking which has been replaced with a simple 2 degrees of freedom movement and will cost more than the Rift will. This realls is more of a creative project for those able to piece together a next gen jigsaw.

Furlan says that there are loads of free 3D engines available for users to create their own VR environments with the added bonus that you can even use some 3D Drivers to like TriDef to play a ton of non 3D Ready games on the device.

Palmer Luckey, who is an active member of the mtbs3d community even helped out Furlan creating his device! What a nice guy!!

See the Guide Here

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