LittlStar sideload/PSVR resulting in read only drives?

I have a drive formatted as exFAT for LittlStar sideloading and now on two occasions after disconnecting from the Playstation and loading the drive on macOS am faced with the drive being read only.

The first time this happened macOS disk utility repair would fail, and I would try it on different computers, back into-the playstation and then back onto the computer and then a random time from what I can tell the drive had switched back over to full read/write properties to use as normal/add more files.

Now, again I’m faced with the same sort of scenario — the only nuance being that the playstation was not shutdown properly while using the drive.

The drive is less than a month old and has not been dropped, or really moved from sitting in one place to be a hardware issue imo. There’s no clicking, etc. Has anyone else ran into this? I’ll need to get another drive if I’m really to want to back it up and try a reformatting route.

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