Let’s Play Undertale Genocide Playthrough Part 3 (No Mercy Gameplay) – Papyrus Believed In Us

Let’s Play Undertale Genocide Part 3! A Walkthrough / Playthrough of Undertale with Genocide / No Mercy Undertale Gameplay. We, uh… messed up this time around. I neglected to realize that you can’t kill an areas boss monster before exhausting the kill counter in an area. So, we encountered Papyrus too early and thus returned to the neutral route instead of Genocide. I played back to where we were to make sure we stay on the path on genocide. Sorry about that guys! Now we’re back to the Papyrus genocide fight, and it’s… going to hurt. A lot.

On an Undertale Genocide run, no monster can be left alive. We must kill every monster in an area before continuing. You know you’ve suceeded when you enter a monster encounter and see “nobody came”. Save points will then only say “determination”, or show a counter for the number of enemies left to kill. It hurts. This must be done before encountering the boss monster of an area. So we need to clear out The Ruins, Snowdin Forest, Waterfall, and Hotland / The Core. By the way, the Toriel genocide death is horrible. We were told to spare her until she drops her guard. It made me feel like death. Also, we’re obviously not killing Jerry! Genocide run except for Jerry! (JK)

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Now that we’ve beaten the Undertale True Pacifist run, I must say that my Impressions of Undertale have changed from great to phenominal. I would review Undertale as my Game Of The Year, and top 10 of all time. I adore Undertale. The Undertale OST is amazing and I can’t stop listening to music like Bonetrousle, ASGORE, Spear Of Justice, Hopes & Dreams, Spider Dance, and so much more amazing music. The heartache battle system is wonderfully dynamic, capturing bullet hell gameplay in an RPG setting, and mixing it up for practically every fight. Especially the bosses. There’s very minimal grinding (in pacifist), and I was always engaged in what was happening. Many feels were had. Much laughter. Such good times.

You can go through this whole game without killing anything, or you can crush everyone in your path in a genocide run. The choice is yours.

Undertale has a lot in common with the Mother (Earthbound) series, which is probably why I fell in love with it immediately. Mother 3 is one of my favorite games. The way it can have such an emotional impact is astounding. I love this game. Tobyfox, you’ve got something special here.

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