Job Simulator Chef VR | HTC Vive Gameplay | Lin’s 1st Virtual Reality: Cook Simulator!

Job Simulator Part 1! Let’s Play Gourmet Chef Gameplay on HTC Vive! Lin’s taking Virtual Reality for a spin with her Vive first impressions in Job Simulator Chef! Time to show off that cook expertise! Or…. get drunk and lie on the floor.

The HTC Vive is really amazing, and I’m excited to cover our experiences here! The Room Scale is super impressive. So far, I’d give it a really solid review. There’s some really funny moments during our time with Job Simulator that I can’t wait to share with you all!

Job Simulator is a virtual reality simulation video game developed and published by Owlchemy Labs in which players participate in comical approximations of real-world jobs. Players participate in simulated jobs in a job museum run by robots resembling floating CRT computer monitors with faces. The jobs are represented as tongue-in-cheek approximations of real occupations: “Auto Mechanic”, “Gourmet Chef”, “Store Clerk” and “Office Worker.”

Using the motion controllers of the HTC Vive to represent their hands, players interact with the virtual environment similarly to how they would in real life.
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