I’ve eliminated my AIM drift in Firewall fairly easily. Hope this helps others.


Had a buddy over to try out Firewall and his tracking was a nightmare standing in front of the camera. The camera is about 7 feet off the ground and angled down, after much trial and error its been my optimal positioning for close to a year. He accidentally adjusted himself at an angle to the camera and the AIM tracking was spot on from there on out, tried it for my self and observed the same thing.

Basically stand facing at a ~30 degree angle to the camera so your AIM and headset points “north-east” or “north-west” (aim and face slightly away from the camera) All the drift problems ive experienced for a couple days are now gone. Ive heard of people using this position for Skyrim with the Moves to alleviate archery issues. Hope this may help some others.


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