Installed a second copy of a game (for use with a second account) that I already have in Steam. Totally screwed up VR and can’t launch Compositor (306/400 errors).

OK folks, need your help on this one. Before anyone asks–I’m not trying to do anything shady; I have two legit accounts for the game “Elite: Dangerous” from Frontier Development. I plan to use one for exploration and an expedition that’s coming up later this year, and I bought the new copy so I could (in theory) leave my current account alone.

When I installed the game (not through steam) to a new directory on my computer I thought it would launch and work fine. However, upon launch, even though I didn’t have Steam running, it tried to start SteamVR. SteamVR failed to work with the error “Compositor is not available” (400). I read some posts online about the issue and tried to muck about and made sure to set every executable to use my GTX 1080. It hasn’t made a difference and I just learned that starting the game via Steam is also broken with the same message.

Anyone experience this? Sorry for such a basic question–I’m not a VR developer or anything–I just want my games to work. Please help. Thanks in advance for any answers.

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